Jumat, 24 Februari 2012

Mix it all, Google!

Sugeng Siang,. :)
Well.. the cloud looks so beautiful now. Clear blue.. and it more amazing when u see it behind the greeny trees. J'adore! but, I just stay here,, in the dinning table wif my lappy.. hmm.. I wanna feel the wind blow my skiiin.. ahh.. I miss it!

I stay here coz there is some-to-do thing (it not must sih), but I really interest wif this (right now).. I opened my drawers .. then I found my -creativity tools there. Yes, i found flanel.. i found my hand made.. hewhew.. even it not good enough, but i like it. I plan use it to beautify my HDD case.

yeah, holiday like this, many things i wanna do. Made flanel creation is just one of them. Google is my bestfriend right now. hahaha.. Love her, dee.. :*
while i ask Google to find Flanel example, I interest wif the other thing. Yeah, it's about one of My dream, My Home  (insya Allah). It just a part of that. I;m looking for the design for my mosque.. Middle east is the main idea. but, just lil I found. huhuu...

Okey, if I were too long here, my jobs will never give a result, just stucking around here.
my Quotes for today is...
when u want things happen like u want, plan it well..  then do it wel! :)

Love u,

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